Stuff to do

Sorted roughly by distance

Close (~Green Street)
Hang in the Rec Room!
Illini Union Cafe (chill, has a Starbucks)
Stand on the Foellinger Auditorium ground plaque and shout

Medium — 5-10m walk
(Gym) ARC and/or CRCE, google for open times
Krannert Art Museum
Ice skating rink

You *need* a car Far (or bus it)
(Escape Room) Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space
(Escape Room) Lab Escape
(Escape Room) Brainstorm Escapes
(Movie Theater) The Art Theater
(Garden) Arboretum and Japan House
(Record Swap) Record Store Jeff works at
(Record/Vintage Store) Exile on Main Street
(Used Games Shop) Live Action Games
(Board/Card Game Playing Place) Titan Games
(Hippie Mall) Lincoln Square Mall
(Normal Mall) The one in Champaign