Sorted roughly by distance

Close (~Green Street)
Wendy's Garbanzo's — unofficial sponsor of DDRIllini
Cravings — Insanely close. Notorious. Beloved. Not open on Sunday. Tom's favorite
Spicy Tang — Naohiro's favorite, mostly dry & soupy hot pot
Cocomero — Best froyo you'll ever have, Ian n RedzoneX/Will's favorite
Paris Super — Thai ice cream and ice cream crepes. Close contender for best ice cream.
Ozu Ramen — StoryTime/Kristian's favorite
Jip Bap — Korean bowls, extremely affordable for the amount of food, Benpai's favorite
Spoon House — big serving of hot Korean food.
Jerusalem Grill — Peter's favorite
Legends — Bar, good burgers and beer specials on friday
Cracked - Open late, breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and tater tots
Joes — Bar, good burgers
Ambar India — Indian buffet. Great value given campus proximity
Signature Grill — It's like Indian Chipotle
Midsummer Lounge - Szechuan-style noodle and dumplings, big recommendation from Ben, tho a bit oily

Medium — 5-10m walk
Ko Fusion — ok sushi
Sakanaya — better sushi, pricey
Lai Lai Wok, Mandarin Wok — big servings Chinese
Insomnia Cookies — xquatra/Alex's favorite
Fat Sandwich — best drunk food, ok when sober
Burrito King — drunk Mexican food smothered in queso
Jurassic Grill - late night borgers with cajun fries, also sells empanadas
Basil Thai — best Thai nearby
Bangkok Thai — arguably better Thai for Benpai
Merry Ann's — Traditional american Diner, Tucker's fave
Maize — second best Mexican nearby
Lao Sze Chaun — Slightly upscale Chinese food. Students from China seem to like it

You *need* a car Far
Original Pancake House — Sudzi/Brandon's favorite.
Golden Harbor — Best chinese in champaign, one dish feeds two
Wingstop - who doesn't like chicken wings? Black Dog — Best BBQ in Champaign
Xinh Xinh Cafe - Vietnamese food, good pho and thai ice tea, vietnamese coffee with condensed milk
Himalayan Chimney — More upscale Indian place
Sushi Kame — Great sushi, bento boxes
Moki Sushi — Sushi bufffeettt. Great quality for buffet sushi
Farren's — borgers
Watson's Shack and Rail — Fried chicken and alcoholic slushies (sign me UP)
Cream and Flutter — cute lil pastry shop
Papa Del's — "Deep Dish" pizza — more like bread cake imo but it's ok.
Giordano's — Nobody seems to realize we have a real deep dish place here.
El Oasis - Mexican ice cream. Get the spicy chocolate one.
Huaraches Moroleon - best Mexican nearby
El Patio - second best Mexican nearby
Destihl — Pricier but heckin' delicious lunch/dinner
Blind Pig — buncha real good locally made beer, but only that.
Pour Brothers - Another bar but you control how much comes out of the tap
Pekara — Reallllly good cafe. Awesome pastries.
Portillo's — Chicago classic. Good italian beef, hotdogs, chocolate cake.